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Welcome to Jumping J-Jays Griffith, Canberra! We are delivering Giant Water Slides to backyards near you!

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Giant Water Slides in Griffith and surrounding suburbs of Canberra.

Giant Water Slide with Pool!See our Jumping Castle themes including Giant Inflatable Water Slides! Available in Griffith and surrounding Canberra areas this summer!  Cool off in your backyard on a Water Slide, or choose one of our other fantastic styles!  Read about Interactive Moving Mouth styles, Jump and Slide Combos; The Drop Zone; The Fun Factory and more!

Giant Inflatable Water Slide Jumping Castles

Our Water Slide Jumping Castles (pictured right) have a small pool at the bottom and also have one fantastic advantage - Everything is in a contained circuit!  This means that the kids don't have to get off the jumping castle to climb the ladder again, meaning less mess from the water for you!  It also means, that the kids NEVER fall out the front of the slide.

View the Giant Water Slide in a 3D Image

 Imagine it in your backyard or at a Function!

Our Giant Water Slide Castles can accomodate 12 kids at a time up to 12 years of age, so is ideal for older children!

See our PDF Brochure on Water Slide Safety for more information.

Moving Mouth Jumping Castles - Interactive Style

This is one of our most popular models and is delivered to over 2,800 backyards a year. The amazing part of this inflatable Jumping Castle is that there is a mouth which automatically opens and closes every minute which lifts the kids to the top of the slide. It has a separate jumping room and some punching bags also.

Moving Mouth interactives are a step up from a standard Jumping Castle.  The Children love to be "eaten" by the crocodile!

The Drop Zone - Falling Floor 

The Drop Zone features one room in which the floor lifts up and down every minute giving the kids "we all fall down" fun. It also has the moving mouth, some punching bags and much more. Enter your State and Suburb on our parent website, Party Castles and click on each jumping castle to see them in 3D.  The Drop Zone Castles can take 12 kids at a time up to 12 years of age, so is ideal for older children.

Themes in the Drop Zone Models include Big Top Circus, Knights and Dragons, Magical Ponies, Wild West Saloon and Christmas.


Jump and Slide - Combos 

Our Jump and Slide Combination Jumping Castles feature two separate rooms giving plenty of room for the children to play!  Jump and Slide Castles are available in two sizes, the smaller ones can take 8 kids at a time up to 8 years of age, and is great fun for younger children.  The "footprint" size area required for these models is only 4m X 4m so they will often fit into smaller backyards and even townhouse courtyards.  The Larger Jump and Slide models can accomodate up to 12 kids at a time up to 12 years of age, so is ideal for older children.  These require a larger "footprint" area of 5m x 5.5m.

Regular Jumping Castles 

Jumping Castles are a basic Inflatable bounce room model, giving your children bouncy fun at birthday parties and events.  Most of the basic jumping castle models can accomodate up to 8 kids at a time up to 8 years of age, and fit in an area 4m by 4m.   We also have the Jungle Jump model which can accomodate up to 12 kids at a time up to 12 years of age, and requires an area 5m x 5.5m.


The Fun Factory Jumping Castles - The Ultimate!

My Little Fairy Fun Factory Jumping CastleBreaking News!  We now also have the Fun Factory Jumping Castles in both the Regular size and the Maxi Size!

The Regular Fun Factory is available in 4 themes: My Little Fairy; In the Zoo; Party Time and Dino Dude!  These are sized at 4m x 4m and can accomodate up to 8 children up to the age of 8 at a time!

We also have the Maxi Sized Fun Factory available in Princess, V8 Thunder, Girls Rock, Space Venture and Carnival Themes!  These are 6.5m x7m in size and can accomodate up to 12 children up to the age of 12 at a time.



We service these Suburbs in Canberra.

Inflatable walls and shade and rain covers are included on all Jumping J-Jays Jumping Castles at no extra cost to you.


Safety Features

 Jumping Castle Safety Checklist

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Jumping castles throughout Canberra and surrounding suburbs.


Jumping J-Jays are helping Families Cool Off with Giant Water Slides in Griffith