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Fundraising with Jumping Castles in Richardson, Canberra

Pony Ride in the Fun Factory Jumping Castle

Many of our enquires are about entertaining children at a fundraising event for schools, sporting groups and clubs, Vacation Care Programs, Fetes, Festivals and more.  Jumping Castles are the ideal way to attract children and their parents to your function.  Charging an entry fee either per ride or as a ride pass for the day is a fun way to reach your goals!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can I get a Jumping Castle to use to Fundraise?  

Answer:   Yes! Jumping J-Jays have been helping raise funds in Richardson and many other suburbs of Canberra for many years.

Q: How can I get my Jumping Castle Hire at a cheaper price?

A: We offer many discounts if you are on our marketing lists!  We send out offers each year prior to your childs birthday via Australia Post.  We also send out special discount offers via email and SMS (text).  Visit the Kids Club Page of our main website by following the "Click Here" link at the bottom of the page to sign up


Q: What is a Jumping Castle?

A: It is an inflatable structure blown up by a constantly running fan, which pressurises an envelope of multiple vinyl pieces.  The pieces form the shape of a house, and allows children to rebound and play safely within the bouncy castle structure.

Q: Can I use your jumping castles if it rains?

A: Yes all castles, combos, actives, water slides, Falling Floors have full tailor made rain covers that keep your inflatable over 80% dry. The Jumping J-Jays Jumping Castles have a unique feature - once the kids are on the castle, they do not need to get off to get from one side to the other.

Q: Do you deliver through the week, or only on weekends?

A: We are happy to deliver mid week as well.  Midweek parties are great for mothers groups and parents of pre school aged children. School holidays are another busy time for all parties.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: We are fully committed to provide you a safe and worry free party so all franchisees carry 10 million public liability for your party guests.

Q. Do you have jumping castles with slides?

A: Yes we are the largest supplier of jumping castles with slides in Canberra. We have combos, actives and water slides. Best to book early for those ones as many more customers who are renting for their second bouncy castle party upgrade to a slide variation.

Q. What is the latest time I can hire the castles to?

A: Government legislation requires that all bounce houses finish no later then 1 hour past dark. After that one of our operators can supervise it for you at a small charge.

Q: Do you provide operators to supervise the kids?

A: Law states that if the birthday party is in a private residential backyard then we can train you the rules to operate. If the party is in a park or business location we will provide a registered and child safety accredited supervisor to meet government and safety requirements

Q: What size are your Jumping Castles?

A: Our regular castles can hold up to 8 kids under 8 years of age at a time and are 4m x 4m (12’ x 12’).

Our medium castles can hold up to 12 kids under 12 years of age at a time and are 5m x 5.5m (15’ x 16’).

Our large castles – (Jungle World Water and Dry Supa Slide) can hold up to 12 kids under 12 years of age at a time and are 4.5m x 6.5m.

Our Maxi castles (The Fun Factory) hold up to 12 kids under 12 years of age at a time and are 6.5m x 7m

 Q: Can I hire a Jumping Castle for our church function?

A: Yes! We can install our castles for churches, store openings, corporate events and schools. Apply online at our dedicated corporate page.

Read more information on why Jumping J-Jays Jumping Castles are the Safest and the best available. 

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Jumping castles throughout Canberra and surrounding suburbs.


Jumping Castles are a fun way to Fundraise in Richardson